PowerShell for Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Arend Jan Kauffmann


In this two-days masterclass you will learn how to unleash all benefits of PowerShell for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Learn how to automate tasks fully or partially and increase your efficiency in the administrative, development and deployment processes of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.ajk2

You will understand how PowerShell will help you to merge objects, perform upgrades, install and manage services and much more.
The course includes a hands-on case study full of real life examples and exercises.

Dynamics NAV 2015 and above.

Training objectives
• Learn the PowerShell scripting language
• Learn how to automate tasks in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
• Practice your new skills in a case-study
Target audience
• Developers
• Technical Consultants

Knowledge of:
• Dynamics NAV architecture
• Developing in Dynamics NAV
• Installation of Dynamics NAV
Course Outline
Chapter 1: PowerShell
• Introduction to PowerShell
• The Integrated Scripting Environment
• Language syntax
• Useful utilities
Chapter 2: PowerShell with Dynamics NAV
• Dynamics NAV PowerShell Modules
• First steps with PowerShell and Dynamics NAV
Chapter 3: Management tasks
• Install Dynamics NAV with PowerShell cmdlets
• Create and manage Dynamics NAV Server instance
• Manage users
• Manage databases
Chapter 4: Development tasks
• Exporting and importing objects
• Compare and merge objects
• Managing Extensions
• Convert and upgrade database
Chapter 5: Advanced Management tasks
• Create Self-Signed Certificate
• Create ClickOnce deployment
• Setup Office 365 SSO
• Set up Azure SQL Authentication
Please take with you / Preparation
To follow this course you need a laptop with a fully working installation of Dynamics NAV 2015 or higher.