Sweden, get ready for the Patterns Master Class on NAV 2017

Stockholm, February 13th & 14th 2017


Even though Sweden had quite a large NAV community it took a while before we found a reasonable way to schedule a Master Class in Stockholm.

Many thanks go to Magnus Ramfelt and Klarapapper, member of NAVUG, to help organize this.

There is a limmited number of seats available so act fast and register today?

The Cost

This priceless experience is brought to you for 450,- euro/day. You can register via register@nav-skills.com or using the contact form.

Why would I register? I’ve been doing NAV longer than you Mark!

The Dynamics NAV community is changing and this requires rethinking of how we develop solutions. Not only events and extensions but also techniques to be more consistent in development and create intuitive to use applications.

Best practices we’ve learned in the past with Solution Devlopment training have become bad habbits.

I’m new to NAV and AL Programming but I know C# and Object Oriented programming.

Then this is your chance to get up to speed in only two days! Avoid pittfalls and hours of debugging. Dynamics NAV has some history that is mandatory to understand before you can make important design decisions.

We’ve had amazing feedback from experienced OOP developers after attending the class.

This is what you will learn

  • How is Dynamics NAV Architected and how do the modules communicate
  • What are Design Patterns and Anti Patterns and how do they apply to Dynamics NAV
  • How can I avoid conflicts during my object merge
  • What impact do monthly rollups have to my roadmap and release strategy
  • Hooks and Events, how do they compare
  • Can the new Delta Files help me get more organized
  • Why does Dynamics NAV have so much Code Cloning
  • Are the coding standard documented and how can apply them
  • Can I implement Object Oriented concepts such as MVVM, overloading and reflection
  • How do I organize my object structure
  • Best Practices such as Encapsulation and Natural Language Programming
  • Be familiar with over 30 most used Design Patterns in Dynamics NAV
  • What does a perfect UI look like to be repeatable in the cloud
  • Understand the impact of Meta Data on Software Design
  • What is the difference between Reservation Entries, G/L Entries and Interaction Log Entries

You’re not the first

Hundreds of developers, some with 30 years experience and ex-Navision or ex-Microsoft have attended the class.

We’ve trained the “big-ones” like LS-Retail, Infoma, Advania, Wise, Elbek & Vejrup, Prodware, Schouw, The NAV People, Technology Management, Liberty Grove Software, PBC Japan, IT-Integro, Global Mediator and many many more.




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