NAV Exams | Help creating the future workforce

Everyone in NAV channel will have probably noticed, we cannot handle the amount of work anymore our customers want us to do. We need to grow our workforce.

Microsoft is not helping us with that, there is no classroom materials and no more exams to test if people can do a good job.

The Association of Dynamics Proffesionals is changing that. As an independant organization we offer certification of your Dynamics staff. The first exam is out there and has been taken by a group of proffesionals at NAVUG Summit and Directions USA.

We need your help to grow further. Dynamics PRO is a not for proffit community organization and we need volunteers to write exam quesions for the functional, development and technical track.

These exams are different than the traditional Microsoft exams. They test for real knowledge about the product. Not marketing or new features related.

Please join us next week for a webinar about exam writing:

Will you join the leadership team and help the advancement of professional standards and recognition in the Dynamics NAV community? We are actively looking for knowledgeable and experienced Dynamics professionals to expand the current certification program.

When:  Wednesday,  November18, 2015, 1200 ET / 1800 CET.

What: Dynamics Pro volunteer leadership opportunities and exam writing training To register:

Workshop Materials

We also started a project to get the classroom training up to speed and create materials to be used by trainers accross the globe to help our ecosystem grow. If you want to join this project, please send me an email.


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