Get Ready for NAVUG Summit 2015 in RENO!

I am writing this blog from Schiphol airport while getting ready to travel to Reno USA to attend, train and present for NAVUG Summit.

NAVUG Summit

It is hard to find a bigger difference in two adjacent events. This week Microsoft presented NAV2016 with the Azure Management Portal where going multi tenancy will be as easy as it will ever get.

At NAVUG Summit most content is about using NAV as a system that is easy to customise to your business making it a perfect event for a Navision Dinosaur like me. Somehow I cannot imagine NAVUG and Multi Tenancy together any time soon.

My activity

It feels amazing attending my second summit. Last year was my first one and I was overwhelmed with the energy. This time I am not only returning, I am also returning as member of the advisory board and vice president of the credentialing committee for the new NAV certification program. A lot has happened in 12 months and I trully fell in love with this community.

Pre Conference Training

On Monday and Tuesday I will be teaching an Architecture and Patterns class for 14 students. All end users for what I have seen. I am looking forward to spending time with them to teach how to make their NAV system easier to maintain and upgrade. Let’s see if their partners will follow after this.


I will be presenting at three sessions.

Wednesday 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM ITD06 Application and use of design patterns

In this session I will give real life examples of what it means to create recognisable software with the use of Design Patterns. Off couse I will explain the concept.

Thursday 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM ITD05 Connecting Dynamics NAV with add-on solutions

We will talk about development techniques to make it easier to use add-ons while maintaining an easy upgrade path. We will talk about what a “Delta File” is and how to use Web Services to integrate with the outside world. We will also touch on the new events and extension model and what that means for NAV Users.

Thursday 3:15 IDTxx Stump the experts: Dev best practices

Ask anything. This will be Erik Hougaard, Matt Traxinger and Doug Sheperd and me. We can talk about the patterns, TFS, Performance, Upgrades. Whatever you want.

Thursday 6:30-7:30 Book Signing

I will be signing and selling books at the I Love NAV booth. I brought 25 copies of my latest book Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns. (I hope they have arrived).


In the expo you have a good chance finding me at the Liberty Grove Software booth where you can also get a demo of the new ForNAV product and touch David Studebaker and ask him to sign his book.

See you in Reno!


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