Keynotes Directions EMEA | NAV 2016 Released

Every keynote should start with a show. This time it is a church organ. Where is Arend Jan Kauffmann when you need him.


We have 1354 attendees this year from 42 countries making it without doubt the biggest NAV event across the globe. This includes 425 people who are here the first time and 100 people from Microsoft. Amazing.

The party this year it typical for the location. We have Oktoberfest! My kinda style. Thanks to Paul White for making this suggestion.


Next year the conference will be in Prague again. October 12-14 2016.


And now it is time for NAV! Paul White on stage.

The Dynamics NAV business had its best year this year. The best year ever! Paul shows the roadmap including NAV2016 and vNext.


The marketing story is still consistent: In Office 365, On Azure and With Dynamics CRM.


Time for Marko Peresic to be on stage. With his Demo Team.

NAV2016 has a Windows 10 Universal App including a Phone App. This is great news since the phone is THE device that everyone always has with them. This is cross platform. IOS, Android and Windows.

The Web Client has 60 enhancements. Claus Busk will show that.

One of the enhancements is tooltips that explain people what things mean with clear images. Making it more intuitive to use. We also have cross column search in the Web Client. We inherited that from the Tablet client. Freeze pane is something in the webclient that we got from the windows client. We also have the fasttabs with important fields highlighted and easy search in table relations like post codes.

We can also change company and some other things like timezones from the webclient. These are just some of the 60 enhancements.

The cool thing about a universal app is that it adopts to your hardware. If you detach the keyboard the webclient transforms to the tablet client! How cool is that.

Phone client.

Now the phone client should be demoed on the iphone, but due to internet connectivity they had to switch to the good old windows phone. The phone client is great. Microsoft had to make some changes to the way list pages are rendered. If you are a developer, open table 18, the customer table and look at the new field group Brick. This is used for the phone client.

All NAV Reports work on the phone too. It is a full NAV client using all possibilities of NAV. Very nice job guys.

GPS and Camera are also supported. You can take a picture with a phone and upload it to NAV. This works on all devices with those options.

OCR Document Services & Workflow

So what happens after you take a picture of an invoice or expense receipt. This is where the new OCR comes in as well as the workflow. New application areas! Yes!

The image is available in the role center with incoming documents. From here we can send it to an OCR cloud service.

The OCR will take the amounts and from there you can post it to a General Journal or Purchase Document. During the process the scan is always available to view.

Another option is to send sales invoices via a tradeshift cloud service. EDI in NAV. You can also receive documents from EDI. You can track the status of the EDI document too.

Jannik is now showing Workflows. Workflows are decision trees that are now supported in NAV. Microsoft has replaced the document approval process with Workflows.

CRM Integration

Back to Claus in the field. Claus is using the Dynamics CRM app to collect opportunities.

Now we can see that NAV natively connects to CRM. We can see CRM tables without having the data in NAV. This is based on OData web services that are in NAV as Table Objects. How cool is that. Consuming a web services and treat it as if it were a table. This allows us to create a page based on a OData web service.

We can also see NAV data from CRM. Financial statistics and things that are typical to ERP like posted sales invoices.

Setting up the connections is done from one place in NAV, including currency exchange rates.

Microsoft is using Tradeshift and Lexmark for the cloud services.

Posting Preview

In NAV2016 it is possible to show which entries are created BEFORE posting the documents.


With deferals you can split things like revenue over a longer period. It also ties into the posting preview.

Power BI

Now it is time for answering the question how to access all cool data in NAV. This is where Power BI comes in. This now has a content pack for NAV. This will be available soon. Power BI is based on OData.


Power BI can be easily personalized and personalization can be shared with other users. Guess NAV can learn something from that. Power BI is also supported for NAV2015 and NAV2013R2.


Microsoft has implemented a new extension model where you can ship delta files as packages without merging software. You can also implement them per tenant and they are easy to upgrade.

Claus is going to demo.

The extension has to be installed via Power Shell. With a simple command you add a NAVx file that contains delta information. Extensions can also easily be uninstalled.

New Code Editor

After only 20 years we have a new editor. This has Intellisense. Thank you Microsoft.


This is what Microsoft showed in the keynotes. There is more. This is why there are two keynotes, so expect more news.

NAV2016 is available NOW! The phoneclient is there, and PowerBI will be there tomorrow.




7 thoughts on “Keynotes Directions EMEA | NAV 2016 Released

  1. I can honestly I have never been floored by a release of NAV the way I’m floored by 2016. The Extension model is amazing by itself. The new editor will also be wonderful.

    But, it’s C/AL events system that has me bouncing off the ways. Event throwing and subscriptions change everything. This is huge. I’m so happy for our industry.


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