Master Class UK & Updated Workshop Dates

With summer vacation over for the most of us, the NAV Architecture & Patterns Master Class continued too. Last week Luc van Vugt and I were in the United Kingdom.

As we could not find a local learning center we decided to try something different. The workshop was hosted at a Dynamics NAV partner where we invited others to join.

This meant we were in the rural part west of Londen. West Berkshire to be exact. We were at a local pub with rooms. My kind of place.


The workshop was hosted by the NAV People and we had attendees from 4 other UK partners. This worked out very well. I know many partners fear two things most; customer leaving and developers leaving. Truth is that both customer and developers who are happy don’t leave and as developers we can learn so much by interacting and sharing experiences. This is what we did in a group with mixed experience varying from 3 to 15+ years. Funny enough the “british” developers were from all over the globe. New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, Hungary and other countries. However, none from the big island itself.


This was the first time Luc was teaching. I “only” did subtitles. This was a nice experience for me and the reviews showed Luc did a great job.

Making Dynamics NAV development teams better organised and more efficient is very interesting for partners. This includes also topics like automated testing and using team foundation server (TFS). Luc offers these workshops and they are a nice fit to the Master Class.

The Master Class will continue its journey. Here is the updated agenda:

Denmark (Copenhagen) September 21 & 22 Mark Brummel
Denmark (Jutland) September 28 & 29 Luc van Vugt
Poland September 28 & 29 Mark Brummel  It Integro
USA (Reno / NAVUG) October 12 & 13 Mark Brummel  NAVUG Summit
Hungary November t.b.d. Mark Brummel
Denmark (Closed Partner Workshop) November 26th & 27th Mark Brummel
Switzerland November 16th & 17th Mark Brummel MBS Training
Belgium (One-Day Version) November 18th Mark Brummel
Germany December (t.b.d.) Mark Brummel
Malaysia December Mark Brummel

If you want to organise the workhop, host it at your company or have any other valuable input please use the contact form on the website. Luc and I are also talking to get the workshop to Spain, France, Italy and Norway/Sweden but any ideas are welcome. We like to help our ecosystem to be more productive with Dynamics NAV.

There was off course also room for fun and Luc and I spent a day in Londen too.

Londen Master Class


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