Last Partner Ready Software meeting… in Vedbaek…

By Mark Brummel, co-founder of Partner Ready Software

No, don’t worry! This is not the last PRS meeting ever, but there were two very important “lasts” about the most recent meeting we had at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, or as most of you know it, MDCC.


Copenhagen, this is what Microsoft calls it, but the place where our beloved product has been designed and build for the last years was quite a drive out of the airport into a town called Vedbeak where first Navision software and later Microsoft had their office. One building at a time is how Navision took over the entire campus, and that’s what gave it the unique atmosphere for visitors. Instead of one big building the offices, meeting rooms and (great) restaurand were separated by little walking paths, ponds and in the middle of a small forest.

Over the last few years all PRS members had quite a few meetings here about the product, design patterns and other subjects. As from this year in November Microsoft is moving to a new office in Lyngby. Since it is unlikely that we have meetings before that it is save to asume this was the last meeting at this great location.

Last PRS meeting in Vedbeak MDCC

But that is not the only “last” about this meeting. Michael Nielsen, who is a big supporter of the community,, NAVTechDays and PRS is leaving the company after working there for 28 years. Being #5 on board he was the last man standing after the founders left the company and the face behind the product, at least for us techies. He built the orriginal C/AL compiler and was part of an endless chain of decisions.


I first met him a few years after my MVP “life” began and was intrigued by his knowledge and stories about the product. He invited us to come to MDCC for this last meeting and to have dinner at his place.

A few months ago Michael asked me to test some software he had been playing with in his spare time, on the condition not to talk about it to anyone. So I did. Both.


The product he has been working on is a replacement report designer for Dynamics NAV that works like the old designer but with all the improvements we ever wanted. It is also able to convert the old classic reports into the three tier stack. A great product. You can find all about it on


We will miss Michael at Microsoft. For sure. But we wish him all the best in his great new career. Thank you my dear friend for all you have done for the product, the community and for myself.

For those of you who are curious, his position is taken over by Vincent Nicolas. He will also do the keynotes at NAVTechDays 2015.


This little bridge helps me to talk about the conference season comming up. The first conference for me is Dynamics Experience in September in Holland and it ends in December with Convergence in Barcelona Spain. In between we have half a dozen Dynamics NAV conferences such as Directions, NAVTechDays and NAVUG Summit. I have not heard about APAC this year. As MVPs we also have MVP Summit in Redmond in November.

Keep a close eye on this blog. There will be much more news in the following weeks varying from a new book about Design Patterns, PRS news, Training, Certification, NAV 2016 and much, much more.

Thanks again Michael and NAV Team for having us and looking forward to keep working together in the future. The future of NAV has never looked better, despite this small setback.


5 thoughts on “Last Partner Ready Software meeting… in Vedbaek…

  1. Sorry to hear about Michael leaving. But I’m sure Microsoft would welcome him back, if he should not like life in “the real world”! 😉
    ForNAV sounds great, known Mogens and Jacob for years, so I’m sure that he’s in good hands.
    How many of the conferences are you going for? I’m not even sure that I am going to make one! How can you fit this into working?


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