HELP WANTED | NAV 2015 Exam Question Writing

Until recently there was no way to certify for NAV 2015. Microsoft has killed the certification process and discontinued the exams.

Although there are valid reasons for that, as Paul White explained during the Q & A in the APAC Conference in 2015, it is better in my opinion to fix the reasons than to discontinue the process.

When I heard that there was a new initiative to revamp the certification I was first in line to try and help some of the challenges and bring the program back.

This is a slow process led by the Association of Dynamics Professionals. A north American initiative and I am a member of the board with the intention of making the NAV certification stand out again like it did in the late 1990ies.

But as always improvement is done in small steps and the first two exams for NAV are “revamped” from NAV2013 and we need your help.

We need exam question writers, we need you!

I wrote about 25% of all questions for the NAV2013 exams and it is not easy to do, but very rewarding and challening. Who does not like to be challenged!

Please follow this link to register and help in this venture.

You can take the exams at NAVUG Summit or Directions USA.



4 thoughts on “HELP WANTED | NAV 2015 Exam Question Writing

  1. I have done exams for PeopleSoft and have seen the exams for some Oracle and SAP learning tracks. Those exams focus on testing knowledge and understanding of the product.

    So my question would be: Is this revamp honestly going to make the exam stand out and test knowledge and understanding of the product, or will the new test be a rehash of the Microsoft exams I have taken so far and only test for insignificant details? After all, are you a NAV expert if you know that a button is labeled “Post” instead of “Completed”? Especially if you are using the product in French most of the time?


  2. Dick, those “label” questions were already removed from the NAV2013 exams, at least they were not in my questions.

    The intention is yes, they should be a significant improvement from the Microsoft exams. The current Financial and Installation exams are only the start. Honestly I was not happy that we picked Installation, but that was the majority decision I guess. I am looking forward to the development exams. That is my cup of tea.


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