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Welcome to NAV-Skills

For the last few years NAV-Skills has made an attempt to share information that was hard to find elsewhere and maybe this is the reason why our webinars have registration numbers that make commercial marketeers jealous.

However, it is time to move on. Maintaining NAV-Skills as a brand is very time consuming and it’s time to consolidate.

The webinars under the umbrella of Areopa. Areopa can be compared with NAV-Skills but has been more oriented to classroom training and to the Dutch market. With the webinars Areopa will pick up another area in knowledge sharing.

The projected C/Side Development 101 series will however be rounded off under the umbrella of NAV Skills.

Thank our all for having been part of the NAV Skills ride and hope to encounter you on the Areopa trip.



This short video introduces the concept of Design Patterns for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.